Our Services

Wellness is something that everyone deserves. If you’ve made the decision to join one of our retreats, we want to help you get the most out of it. There are numerous ways to relax and give your soul some much-needed TLC. We are delighted to offer you a range of activities, which can be incorporated into whichever retreat you choose to book. Select from these add-ons as an individual or for your whole group where applicable, so everyone gets their own unique experience, even if travelling together. Our services are also available to you if you are already on holiday in the area and wish to take part in an activity or add a bit of pampering to your day. Just get in touch for more details.


Imagine saluting the sun from a wooden deck overlooking the crystal clear Ionian. We use this location beside beautiful Koroni beach for our daily small group yoga classes to maximise on the tranquil energy of this exquisite island. Yoga is an ideal exercise for strengthening, increasing flexibility and balancing the muscles of the body, as well as promoting prolonged feelings of peace and wellbeing. Our fully qualified instructors will guide you fluidly through flow sequences and postures suitable for all, to leave you feeling relaxed and your body rejuvenated. Extra yoga classes may be booked on a 1:1 or group basis.


Known for improving posture and joint alignment, targeting back pain and developing core strength, Pilates really is something for everyone. Work on your whole-body strength and muscular tone as well as focussing and calming your mind. Classes can be adapted to suit specific requirements, and added to your booking on a 1:1 or group basis.


We understand the importance of meditation to anybody’s life. That’s why we include it in the daily programme for all our retreat packages. Aiming to bring relaxation, focus and awareness, the art of meditation is being able to observe oneself without judgement. Once adopted, meditation can have profoundly positive effects on all aspcts of your life. There are various ways to meditate and not all of them involve sitting in contemplative silence. We can help you find the right style of meditation to suit your personality and lifestyle. Extra sessions can be added to your retreat booking – just contact us for more details. 


Many call it a luxury; we see it as a wellbeing necessity. Proven to reduce tension, aid with stress, anxiety and depression, promote lasting feelings of wellness, relieve muscle soreness, release negative emotions, invigorate the senses… There’s a reason this practice has been around for thousands of years. We offer a range of massage styles in our purpose-built treatment cabin, situated in a peaceful olive grove – a truly unique setting in which to unwind. Arrange your treatments once you get here or pre-book so you know it’s all taken care of before you land.


If you’ve never had a Reiki treatment we can’t think of many better environments in which to start. This treatment is all about energy transfer between therapist and client. Reiki has been known to promote relaxation, reduce pain, heal physical and mental trauma, bring clarity to decision making and clear away negative energy such as stress, anxiety, confusion or grief. Along with our massage treatments, our Reiki sessions are performed by a qualified practitioner in our purpose-built treatment cabin. Contact us for more details and to add Reiki treatments to your retreat package.

Fitness Training

Relaxation doesn’t have to mean stillness. Sometimes, the best thing to do for mind and body balance is get up and move. We all know that to be fit and healthy we need to exercise, but not everyone knows how to get the best out of a workout, or sometimes how to find the motivation to begin. Let our fully qualified personal trainer lead you in invigorating outdoor workouts to get your blood moving and sweat out some of those accumulated toxins. Tell us what level of challenge you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest.


On an island as picturesque as Kefalonia, surrounded by a sea as clear and blue as the Ionian, a sailing trip is something we simply couldn’t leave out of our activity options. Choose from an exploratory trip past the coves and bays of the island – many of which are inaccessible except by boat – or learn how to man the boat for yourself and take control of your journey. The Greek islands famously offer some of the most relaxing and enjoyable sailing around. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Book ahead to guarantee your trip (weather dependent). 

Scuba Diving

The coast of Kefalonia is rich with aquatic biodiversity, sure to capture the attention of even the most seasoned diver. Witnessing the spectacular underwater life in this area is highly recommended by visitors to the island year on year. Total beginners or experienced divers are welcome. We only work with certified, reputable local diving instructors, who will guide you expertly in the art of scuba diving and ensure you get the most out of your marine adventure. We recommend booking before arrival to secure your place.

Trekking & Walks

For lower-impact, beneficial exercise that takes in the beauty of the Kefalonian landscape, join one of our organised walks or treks and get to know a little more of the island. Whether making your way around some of the island’s towns or exploring Mount Ainos and its surrounds, your experienced guide will lead the way, leaving you free to soak up the scenery, socialise with your fellow retreaters, and snap that perfect Instagram photo.

Greek Dancing & Parties

Despite this island having a much more relaxed attitude to nightlife than some of its neighbours, the Kefalonians still know how to smash a plate or two. If you feel your feet involuntarily twitching to get you on to the dancefloor, a traditional Greek party should definitely be a feature of your stay with us. We can also arrange Greek dancing classes for a group. Relaxation and balance also means letting go and having some fun. When spending time in a culture as vibrant, sociable and hospitable as Greece, we can’t think of many better ways to spend an evening.

Fire Circle

Sometimes, just talking and sharing is the most liberating of practices. We like to offer you the chance to join one of our fire circle sessions to connect with your fellow retreaters, whether you’re travelling solo or with a partner or friends. Singing Kumbaya is not a requirement (unless you want to) – this is a special opportunity to share a unique bit of space and time with old friends and new. Whether your want to air your thoughts or just take it all in and enjoy the experience of friendships and firelight, you are welcome to request a fire circle as a feature of your retreat.

If you’d like to find out more, or you’re ready to book your retreat, e-mail us on info@thebigcalm.com or call us on +44 775 986 2191.