March 30th-6th April 

• Ski retreat Courchevel France 

  • Yoga, meditation, fitness, Power/Energy nutrition, free ski instruction all included. Accommodation including all meals & wine in a luxury chalet with hot tub & ski lifts nearby. 
  • Ski pass & ski & boot hire according to skiing level
  • Cost £1,650 
  • Flights to Geneva can be arranged. Free transfer for arrivals before 4 pm. 
  • Separate insurance is required. We can arrange this. 

April 6th - April 13th


  • Singles with kids. Free accommodation for kids. 
  • Yoga. Beach meditation, Turtle trips, Mud fun. Sandcastle competition, Painting fun, Childcare. 
  • Shallow beach 
  • Price £665
  • See below for what’s included, & all extra treatments & offers. 
  • Return flights currently advertised at £139!!! 

April 20th - 27th

• Kefalonia 

  • Couples, Singles + Friends 
  • Yoga, Beach meditation, Fitness, The philosophy of happiness. 
  • Price £890 
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers.

May 3rd - May 10th

Special offer: Buy one place, get a second half price. Contact us now.

• Kefalonia


  • Couples, Singles + Friends
  • Yoga. Pilates. Meditation. Fitness. Wellbeing. 
  • Price £890
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers. 

May 10th - May 17th

Special offer: Buy one place, get a second half price. Contact us now.

• Kefalonia 

  • Singles
  • Yoga. Pilates. Meditation. Well-being & Nutrition & Diabetes control. 
  • Price £890
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers. 

May 24th - 31st May

• Kefalonia 

  • Singles with kids. Free accommodation for kids. 
  • Yoga/Pilates. Beach meditation. Turtle trips.Mud fun! Sandcastle competition. 
  • Painting. Child care. 
  • Shallow beach. 
  • Price £695
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers. 

June 7th - 14th June


  • Quantum Healing with Eleni Mandani 
  • .Group and private sessions available with Eleni - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Therapist 
  • Free group discussion of Ascension Process 
  • QHHT Group Regression: £33 per person
  • Healing with the Archangels £33 per person
  • Private sessions of QHHT (6-7 hours): £200/ session (reduced from the usual price of £222) 
  • For more details see Eleni's bio in About Us or visit

June 14th - 4th July 


  • 21-day addictions & new habit creating a workshop. 
  • Yoga. Meditation. Nutrition. Fitness. 
  • With this workshop retreat, we deal with our addictions such as food, smoking, sugar, sex, alcohol. 21 days? Because this is how long it takes to break our addiction & form new habits & behaviours that improve our way of life. Someone on one coaching will be needed during this workshop. Taking meditation classes is highly recommended with this retreat. Group & individual fitness classes will be worked out with your practitioners. 
  • Price £2900
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers.

July 5th - 12th


  • Fitness, Balance & well being for all
  • Yoga. Meditation. Nutrition. Beach fitness 
  • Price £890 
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers.

July 19th - 26th


  • Couples, Singles, single parents & Friends 
  • Yoga. Meditation. Fitness & Nutrition 
  • Price £945
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers.

August 4th - 9th - 16th


  • Families one or two weeks. Children’s accommodation free. 
  • Yoga/Pilates. Meditation. Turtle trips. Mud fun. Sandcastle competition. Shallow beach. Child care. Painting
  • Price £945. This one is popular & needs booking very early. 
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers. 

Sept 13th - 20th - 27th


  • Couples, Singles. Friends & Singles with children. 
  • Yoga/Pilates. Meditation. Philosophy. Beach parties. Fire circles 
  • This is our end of season “Chill out” fortnight when the water is warm, the flights are cheap & there’s not many people around . Spontonaiety is what this holiday is all about ! 
  • We help the turtles make their way from their nests to the sea, we enjoy sunsets & music at our friends kantina, Sesto overlooking the beach. We make fire circles & watch the stars & realise how small our problems are. We explore new out of the way beaches. Wanna join us. Book soon 
  • Price £890 
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers . 

Sept 27th - 4th Oct


  • Singles, friends & couples 
  • Yoga/Pilates Meditation 
  • PEACE is the name of this retreat. Just do what you want. The flights are ridiculously cheap. There’s no one around, everyone is very relaxed & we make our own entertainment. 
  • Price £790
  • See below for what’s included & all extra treatments & offers. 

Ladies that yoga long weekends


  • Most weekends when booked in advance 
  • This is a pampering retreat for all you ladies who just want to get away with your girl friends, or whose husbands are not into yoga, meditation & all that stuff, or are just too busy to get away.
  • We pull all the stops out for this one! Your own villa with pool. Private yoga teacher. Personal chef. Massage or Reiki sessions. Visit a very special local restaurant. Tour of the island & a fridge full of Prosecco! 
  • We collect you & deliver you back to the airport.
  • Price on application according to number of people & to when. 

Included in all retreats are airport transfers to & from the airport. 4 accommodation. Sharing rooms on the singles retreats unless you prefer your own room. Your accommodation is in the lovely little fishing village of Katelios near the beach with many restaurants which we will visit. Your breakfast & dinner will as said, be provided locally as we like to put money back into the local economy & for you to enjoy the beautiful food & caring service you will receive. 

Yoga or Pilates with meditation will be held every morning on the beach or our deck at our friends kantina Sesto overlooking the beach. A second yoga or Pilates lesson will be taken in the evening. 

Fitness, nutrition, well being, philosophy, where offered will be organised by your practitioners during the day. 

The fire circles & beach parties will be arranged at the beginning of the week. 

On Koroni beach there is natural mud full of minerals for you & your skin to enjoy the benefits of. On the beach road there are natural springs from the mountains behind us with many beneficial properties to refresh & heal you. 

Our extras are available on most retreats, but please check first. These can be booked in advance or at our meeting on your arrival . 

They are: 

Island tour.

This is a day trip around this beautiful island visiting beaches, villages & places of natural beauty stopping for lunch & making our way home when we have had enough! It gets a bit late sometimes.

Turtle trips

If you don’t get to stay up late enough to see the turtles on our beach when nesting. We take a trip into the main town of Argostoli. When the local fishing boats come in to sell their catch, the beautiful loggerhead turtles are there to catch the scraps & entertain the visitors with their antics & pose for photo opportunities. After the entertainment, you can visit the many shops, bars & coffee shops in this lovely main town. 

Massage or Reiki will be available on all retreats in your apartment, on the beach or in the peace & tranquility our log cabin overlooking the beach. We recommend 3 sessions minimum of Reiki. 

Fishing trip

One of our lovely local families use their pretty fishing boat to give you a wonderful day, fishing, swimming, barbecuing on the beach & giving you a day to remember.


We can arrange a full day of sailing off the coast with lunch & instruction if you wish with a local friend being carried along on the wind in total bliss.

Scuba diving

An experienced local diving company can teach beginners or more experienced divers around the beautiful waters around the stunning beach & wrecks. of Antisamos


A nearby village local can walk you through the beautiful mountains, waterfalls & views from the mountains that form the backdrop to the coast. 

Art class

One of our friends in nearby Poros takes classes in the natural beauty of the surrounding area including the mountains & beaches.

Horse riding

Further up in the mountains is a horse riding school that takes you riding with stunning views that take your breath away.

Counselling & Coaching

To improve your well being & to talk to one of our counsellors in complete confidence is something you May like to take the opportunity of while you are here. 


Nutritional advice on this island with all its non processed, natural & fresh foods is highly recommended for a healthy diet or to help you overcome diabetes or eating issues. 

Car hire

We can organise car hire at a discounted rate for a day or the whole week if you wish, with a good choice of models to choose from delivered to your door.

If you’d like to find out more, or you’re ready to book your retreat, e-mail us on or call us on +44 775 986 2191.